Sea Levels Could Rise Much Faster than Thought

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Washington Post:

James Hansen has often been out ahead of his scientific colleagues.

With his 1988 congressional testimony, the then-NASA scientist is credited with putting the global warming issue on the map by saying that a warming trend had already begun. “It is time to stop waffling so much and say that the evidence is pretty strong that the greenhouse effect is here,” Hansen famously testified.

Now Hansen — who retired in 2013 from his NASA post, and is currently an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute — is publishing what he says may be his most important paper. Along with 16 other researchers — including leading experts on the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets — he has authored a lengthy study outlining an scenario of potentially rapid sea level rise combined with more intense storm systems.

It’s an alarming picture of where the planet could be headed — and hard to ignore…

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Turn Your City Council Rep onto Reso 549!

Goal: 35 City Council votes for the Port Ambrose resolution!

Chair of the Environmental Committee, Donovan Richards, has written an important resolution opposing Port Ambrose and calling on Governor Cuomo to veto it. The public hearing for this resolution will take place on Wednesday, April 1st. As advocates, we need to support this action by getting at least 35 council members signed on. Let’s do that by the April 1st hearing!

Here’s a running count of who’s signed on and who hasn’t. Please check if your rep has signed on already; if they have, thank them! If not, CALL THEM (or write to them using use the email address and sample letter provided).

richards NY City Council Member, and Chair of the Environmental Committee, Donovan Richards, sponsor of Resolution 549

Background: The City of New York has no official jurisdiction over Port Ambrose, despite it being proposed off our shoreline, however…

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